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Upcoming Outlets : Deep Kamal Mall- Surat, Rajguru Nagar-Chakan

Our Company

Vidli Restaurant Limited, a Mumbai based Company, is a part of Kamat Group. Our Company was established in 2007 and started its business operations from November 2013 for undertaking activities in hospitality vertical.

Our Company operates chain of restaurants serving hygienic standardized food items in a quick serve format at various outlets on national highways, state highways and cities. Currently, our Company has more than 30 operating restaurants in western India having presences on major highways. Our Company believes in providing quality food in hygienic surroundings at convenient locations for serving our customers better. Hygiene, quality and customer satisfaction are core concepts exercised by our team at all outlets which distinguishes us from local restaurants. Our hygienic and convenient locations, dedicated team efforts, quality of service and products are our strengths which help us work towards our long term vision of being largest trusted & premium vegetarian family restaurants.

Kamat Group is a known name in Hotel & Restaurant Industry segment.

Over the years Group has been instrumental in launch of successful hospitality verticals and Restaurants Brand “Vithal Kamats Original Family Restaurants” and “Kamats Original Family Restaurants”.

The Company started its operations in November 2013. Since then, the company started expanding its restaurant chain and concentrated on standardising its products and services through centralised purchasing and training system. As of today, there are more than 35 operational restaurants in the company. Over the years, Kamat Group has emerged as a symbol of quality, originality and truth, which has in turn nurtured trust among people for our services. Hence our group has earned the tag line “Achha Hai Sachha Hai”.

Our Company largely targets affordable segment of the market through our outlets. Presently, our operations are categorised into family dining, khaojao and kamat’s corner model :

Family Dinning

This type of outlet is built on 1500 sq. ft. or more area space with seating space of 80 to 100 persons. Currently, our Company has more than 25 family dinning outlets in Maharashtra, Gujarat etc.

Khao Jao

This form of outlet is favourable for high traffic moving streets of a city. It needs less than 500 sq. ft of area to set-up with standard and limited items on its menu. We have 3khaojao outlets in Lucknow, Vadodara and Sangli each.

Kamat’s Corner

This form of outlet is specially designed for space constraint viz. malls etc. serving fast food and ready to eat items. Currently, our Company has a kamat’s corner in Metro Junction mall at Kalyan.